Sales strategies and consulting

Good sales results are based on high quality sales strategy.

Our know-how

For the last 4 years we traded for a number of diverse clients. We intensively recorded and evaluated all our activities. Thanks to that, we have developed instructions on how to trade the results. We invest our know-how in sales strategies, which we develop and customize for our customers.

Thanks to our sales strategy
you will get:

  • Structured sales process with results
  • Increase in conversions and sales results
  • Review of sales processes by professional traders

Sales strategy

Sales strategy is a document that contains precise instructions for product/service trading. This document of 10 to 15 pages is passed on to the trader who is then ready to trade.

Developing a sales strategy takes about a month, depending on the product or service.

Before developing a sales strategy, we study all client information: from the target group to specific business benefits.

The sales strategy includes:

  • Specific plan of sales steps and procedures
  • Design of client addressing time schedules
  • Development and definition of real benefits of the product
  • Transformation of current documents into sales documents
  • Design of sales process and specific sales channels

We have a quality contact database

  • Product deployment mapping and strategy to reduce implementation time
  • Development of sales e-mails, telephone scripts, scripts for personal meetings and follow-up
  • Design of KPIs recording

The output of the sales strategy is a document. With this document, the sales process will be unambiguous and understandable to all traders.



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